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142856510Jill SalenCorsets: Historic Patterns and Techniques2017PDF11/15/2018 2:02:35 AMmaveriks
14285605Undercover Fighters: The British 22nd SAS RegimentParachute Wings2017PDF11/15/2018 1:59:27 AMmaveriks
142855610Michael WalzerJust And Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument With Historical Illustrations2017PDF11/15/2018 1:56:07 AMmaveriks
14285529Brian Comp StockAfter Augustine: The Meditative Reader and the Text2017PDF11/15/2018 1:53:13 AMmaveriks
14285517Richard Arthur PrestonTo Serve Canada2017PDF11/15/2018 1:51:34 AMmaveriks
14285426Duygu KoksalA Social History of Late Ottoman Women2017PDF11/15/2018 1:45:09 AMmaveriks
14285396John R. WattSaving Lives in Wartime China: How Medical Reformers Built Modern Healthcare Systems Amid War and Epidemics, 1928-19452017PDF11/15/2018 1:43:32 AMmaveriks
14285356John R. Elting03068075722017PDF11/15/2018 1:40:32 AMmaveriks
14285327Undercover Fighters: The British 22nd SAS RegimentUndercover Fighters: The British 22nd SAS Regiment2017PDF11/15/2018 1:38:57 AMmaveriks
142852110The Faces of Manassas: Rare Photographs of Soldiers Who Fought At Bull RunThe Faces of Manassas2017PDF11/15/2018 1:30:25 AMmaveriks
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