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143169620Burger HansSola Scriptura2017PDF11/19/2018 12:43:10 PMpetra19
143169412Daniele Filippi, AuthorListening to Early Modern Catholicism, Perspectives from Musicology2017PDF11/19/2018 12:41:41 PMpetra19
143137240Kloppenborg, John S., NewmanEditing the Bible: Assessing the Task Past and Present2013PDF11/19/2018 3:12:46 AMGustavi
143136764Charles E. Hill, Michael J. KrugerThe Early Text of the New Testament2013PDF11/19/2018 3:08:38 AMGustavi
143123224Richard HaymanChurch Misericords and Bench Ends2013EPUB11/19/2018 1:23:09 AMGustavi
143120441Lesley HerzbergThe Shakers: History, Culture and Craft2013EPUB11/19/2018 1:03:47 AMGustavi
143109846Gale A. Yee, Hugh R. Page Jr., Matthew J. M. CoomberFortress Commentary on the Bible: The Old Testament and Apocrypha2013EPUB11/18/2018 10:37:42 PMGustavi
143080618Courtney HandmanCritical Christianity: Translation and Denominational Conflict in Papua New Guinea2014PDF11/18/2018 2:17:59 PMalex21s
143045849Peter C PhanGrace and the human condition1988PDF11/17/2018 9:26:48 PMpetra19
143045744Elizabeth A. ClarkWomen in the Early Church1983PDF11/17/2018 9:24:15 PMpetra19
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